Free Infinity Blade Update Landing In Time For Christmas



If you love Chair’s Infinity Blade as much as we did but have played it so much that you’ve simply maxed out what there is to do in the game, great news: Chair’s Donald Mustard has just announced that the first update to the masterful sword fighting game will be coming out next week, just in time for Christmas.

Gamers shouldn’t expect a radical expansion of the core game… understandable considering the fact that Infinity Blade was just released two weeks ago. In fact, Chair’s calling it a “booster pack,” and the update basically contents itself with adding more stuff, including five new weapons, five new shields, five new helmets, a new set of armor and a brand new monster grimly called the “Marrow Fiend.” Not bad for free.

In the New Year, Chair’s plans for expanding Infinity Blade are even grander, promising new items, areas, monsters, multiplayer and an extension of the core game’s plot.

“There will be new areas to go to, the story will be evolving a little more as you see what the God King is really up to, and we’re going to let people down into the dungeons,” said Mustard. And those new foes will “make the [current] enemies look like nothing.”

[via Touch Arcade]

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