Infinity Blade sells over $1.6MM in only five days



infinity Blade. We certainly loved it, declaring it to be an “elegiac App Store masterpiece,” but did Joe and Jane App Store agree?

It appears so. According to Appmodo, who looked at the Game Center data for Infinity Blade, 274,000 players have currently registered the game… which means at $5.99 per copy, Epic’s raked in over $1.6MM dollars in just five days.

The actual total is likely much more than that. I, for example, downloaded and played Infinity Blade without having updated my device to iOS 4.2, which means that I played it without Game Center… therefore, I wasn’t counted towards that figure. I doubt I’m an anomaly in this regard.

Until Epic releases a statement in regards to the matter, we won’t know for sure, but so far, it’s looking like Infinity Blade might be one of the biggest App Store game launches yet. It’s numbers can only be dwarfed as iOS devices continue to accumulate, and AAA game developers continue to flock (and market) to the platform.

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