Disgruntled Apple Store Employees Have Their Own Blog

Disgruntled Apple Store Employees Have Their Own Blog

Leaping right out of the “What the heck?!?!” category comes Welcome to the CrApple Store a blog for disgruntled Apple Store employees. A couple of readers pointed it out to me today

Disgruntled Apple Store Employees Have Their Own BlogThe complaints  touted on the blog range from the size of repair parts packaging to things like brain-washing and drinking the Apple Kool-Aid. It just goes to show you that you cannot make everyone happy.

Consider the complaint about the size of boxes for packaging repair parts. It might be better to have a one size fits all approach vs. having a handful of different size boxes around that you might never use.

Disgruntled Apple Store Employees Have Their Own Blog

One size box fits all might be a good thing vs. ordering a handful of different box sizes.

I’ll point out that the blog isn’t new, since its been around a for a little while and it gives us a look into the mind of a disgruntled, probably former, Apple Store retail employee. It’s an interesting inside look at what goes on in the back room of your atypical Apple Store.

Atypical? Yes, I think so since the experience I’ve had at Apple Retail stores goes above and beyond what this blog is talking about. I’ve had nothing but a positive experience at my local Apple Store and I have friends and co-workers that would agree.

What about you? Have you had a crappy experience at your local Apple Store? Are you a former disgruntled Apple employee? Tell us your story by leaving a comment.

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