Did iOS 4.2.1 Finally Fix the iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor? [Poll]

Did iOS 4.2.1 Finally Fix the iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor? [Poll]

Apple previously claimed the flaky proximity sensor in the iPhone 4 had been fixed by the iOS 4.1 update. But there was mounting evidence that the proximity sensor wasn’t fixed at all.

Shortly after the release of iOS 4.1 iPhone user Ryan Bell performed a series of comprehensive tests using Apple’s iPhone configuration utility, and came to the conclusion that iOS 4.1 doesn’t fix the proximity sensor.

The proximity sensor problems were being blamed on software bugs, relocation of the proximity sensor due to the addition of the front facing camera, or greasy ear canals.

But now Apple has released the iOS 4.2.1 update to the masses, so once again we’ve all became iPhone 4 proximity sensor beta testers. Together, we can crowd source testing to see if the proximity sensor is finally fixed.

So clean out your ear canals, screw that iPhone 4 to your ear for a while, make a few phone calls, and share the results of your tests with after you’ve upgraded to iOS 4.2.1.

Please let us know by voting in the poll below whether or not the update fixed the problems you’ve had with the proximity sensor in the iPhone 4. Vote below — is the proximity fixed or not?

UPDATE: If you answer “No” in the poll and you are using a case on your iPhone 4 please leave a comment with the manufacturer, make, and model of case you are using.

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