Report: Sale-By-Sale, The Average iPad App Makes More For Devs Than The iPhone



How much is a good iPad app worth? According to a new report, quite a bit more than a decent iPhone app… and the margin between the two is growing every day.

App Store analytics firm Distimo says that while the price of the average App Store app is rising overall, the average iPad price has gone up by 14.5 percent in the last six months, compared to the iPhone’s paltrier 2.3 percent gains.

What is that average price? For an iPad app, that’s just under $5, although if your app is in the top 100 paid apps list, it costs $5.80 on average. On the iPhone, those margins are lower: the average app is a little more than four dollars, and if your iPhone app is on the top 100 paid apps list, it probably costs even less: just $2.14.

Overall, the average iPad app in the top 100 paid apps list is charging 171% more than those in the iPhone’s top 100 paid apps list.

What the iPhone lacks in margins, though, it makes up in sheer numbers: although iPhone apps cost less than their iPad counterparts, the iPad only accounts for 13% of the total 300,000 apps available in the App Store, and just 7 percent of all apps are universal. iPad apps might be more lucrative on a sale-by-sale basis, but the iPhone side of the app store still has exclusive control over the wallets of the vast majority of potential buyers.

[via GigaOM]

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  • Tricia Ballad

    Are there any hard numbers on the average number of sales per app? For example, if I’m a developer thinking about creating an iPad app, can I assume that I’ll sell 10? 100? 1000? over the lifetime of the app?