The Contort Hub Will Keep The Back Of Your iMac Clean and Tidy

The Contort Hub Will Keep The Back Of Your iMac Clean and Tidy

Here at Cult of Mac, we love the crowd-sourced, gadget-creating think tank at, and their latest is a fantastic answer to the tangle of USB cables snaking out of the back of your iMac.

Quirky’s solution? A USB hub called the Controt. Essentially, it’s four USB ports drilled into a reel around which stray cables can be wound, keeping everything dangle free (with a little bit of help from four cut-out anchor points).

On the other end of the Contort is a bendy, snaking, extendable USB plug, which connects the hub to your iMac or MacBook.

It’s a gorgeous looking hub that perfectly suits the Mac aesthetic. Like Quirky’s other products, though, you can’t just buy one: instead, you need to pay $30 to pre-order one, and only when enough people have made an order will Quirky actually, you know, make the thing.

[via Gadget Lab]

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