The Hai Pad Is (Almost) As Shamless An iPad Clone As Could Be

The Hai Pad Is (Almost) As Shamless An iPad Clone As Could Be

Although there are a lot of gadget makers looking to come out with their own answers to the iPad in the coming months — most notably RIM with the BlackBerry Playbook and Samsung with the Galaxy Tab — you’ve got to give them credit: the tablets they are releasing aren’t just iPad clones.

You can’t say the same for this tablet though, plucked out of a cheap electronics shop in the alleys of Shaghai: it’s an iPad clone through and through.

Sure, it’s not running on iOS: Android 2.2 FroYo has instead been deployed as the tablet’s default operating system. Nor does it have the same innards. Gone is Apple 1GHz A4 CPU in favor of a wimpy 800MHz Freescale iMX515 CPU, and the storage has been massively downgraded to just 4GB as well.

Otherwise, though, this is about as close to a doppelganger in design to the iPad as you’re liable to find. Ultimately, though, I think the most amazing thing about this iPad clone is the fact that it makes a point of not emblazoning itself with an Apple logo. Given the usual shamelessness of China’s Apple-knockoff makers, that just seems positively quaint.

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