Correction: Who’s *Actually* Suing Whom in Mobile Infographic

Correction: Who’s *Actually* Suing Whom in Mobile Infographic

Last week, we all saw a fantastic flow chart showing off who was suing whom for patent infringement in the mobile landscape. Then we saw the same chart as re-imagined by a competent infographic designer.

The only problem? Both charts were based off of the bad data of a New York Times post back in March, which included numerous lawsuits that never actually occurred. That prompted Techdirt‘s Mike Masnick to try his hand at his own version of a “who’s suing whom” chart… which ends up revealing that even more companies are suing each other over mobile patents than anyone had initially thought.

As Masnick points out: “I’d say this does a damn good job demonstrating the concept of a patent thicket. It also explains how such thickets are hindering innovation. Anyone who wants to get into the smartphone business knows that they’re facing lawsuits from a large number of the companies listed on the graphic.”

Our own inestimable Lonnie Lazar said it best when he published the first chart: it’s a melee out there right now, people. We’re just seeing the beginning of the bloodshed.

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