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Real Fake Steve

For my money, there are few Mac geek rites of passage more fun or worthwhile than watching “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” the ever-so campy made-for-TNT in 1999 movie about the beginnings of the long-standing rivalry between Apple founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. And lucky for you, it is now available to watch for free on Google Video. Noah Wylie is barely believable but well-cast as a wide-eyed Steve with a series of hilarious moustaches, and Anthony Michael Hall is oddly brilliant as mulleted Gates. The entire thing manages to be both so over-the-top and so nerdy that you can scarcely believe anyone thought it would be a good idea to greenlight it. Also, the opening scene on the set of the 1984 ad? Genius.
Pirates Of Silicon Valley [Vodpod]

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