Bumper Bummer Part 2: Crash Test

Bumper Bummer Part 2: Crash Test

I’ve already given you the run down on my experience about being bummed when I found out that some of my iPhone accessories would not work with Apple’s Bumper case. That was Part 1 and now here is Part 2: the Apple Bumper case crash test performed by iFixYouri.com. I’ll let the video speak for itself.

Bumper Bummer Part 2: Crash Test

I’ll also note that like many other iPhone 4 users are finding out none of my car accessories would work with my iPhone 4 while the bumper is installed. I’m surprised by this since you would think something made by Apple would be compatible with all the different Apple sanctioned dock connectors on Made for iPhone labeled products.

Now it looks like the bumper doesn’t offer good drop protection either. I’ll be looking for something to replace it and returning it to Apple as soon as I can. I’ll also point out that this isn’t more whining about the iPhone 4 nor is the problem isolated to just this phone it’s just pure fact — when we drop our unprotected gadgets they can break.

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