iPhone 4 Death Grip — There’s an App for that!

iPhone 4 Death Grip — There’s an App for that!

TUAW published a report today that included new video evidence supporting the belief that the iPhone 4 death grip is very real. I know you are probably rolling your eyes about this, since there have been many other videos covering this topic, but this time things are different. This video includes the demonstration of the iPhone 4 along with a customized field services app that clearly shows the iPhone 4 antenna problem isn’t the result of some software glitch as Apple claims.

Erica Sudan wrote an iPhone app that displays the raw signal strength, the number of bars, and what Apple calls a graded signal strength. Erica took the app and the iPhone 4 it was running on through their paces in the video. Whenever Erica gripped her iPhone 4 in the “Kung Fu grip of doom” the signal strength dropped to almost zero. If she removed her hand the signal strength returned to normal. Watch the video below and see it for yourself.

iPhone 4 Death Grip — There’s an App for that!

Later, according to the report, there were additional tests performed using the app on an iPhone 4 with one of Apple’s Bumper cases installed. Those tests showed that the bumper didn’t exactly resolve the antenna problems all the time.

Word about this problem is spreading far and wide as videos spring up on YouTube with irate customer complaints about holding the iPhone 4 properly and the associated antenna issue. The situation was even brought up on this mornings Today Show on NBC giving the problem nationwide exposure.

Erica gave me the opportunity to test her app on my iPhone 4 and my initial test results are shown below.

iPhone 4 Death Grip — There’s an App for that!

iPhone 4 held according to Apple specifications.

iPhone 4 Death Grip — There’s an App for that!

My iPhone 4 in the Grip of Death.

The tests were conducted without the bumper I purchased installed, but the iPhone 4 is coated in a thin invisible shield on the front, back, and sides (with gaps for buttons, etc.). This shield does not completely cover the metal frame around the iPhone 4 leaving the metal frame mostly exposed. My results were nearly the same as Erica’s and I will be conducting additional tests in the field over the next few days.

I’m convinced that there is a problem with the antenna on the iPhone 4. Therefore I’m going to take sides with the folks at TUAW, since I also believe that enough is enough, Apple needs to ‘fess up on this issue soon and fix a very real problem with the antenna on the iPhone 4.

What is your take on this very controversial subject? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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