Tweetie 2 is Gone: Twitter For iPhone Coming Soon

Tweetie 2 is Gone: Twitter For iPhone Coming Soon

Our favorite app for the iPhone, Tweetie 2, has made a quick getaway from the App Store. It looks like Tweetie 2’s new owners, Twitter, might be replacing it with it’s Twitter for iPhone app in mere moments (or this week).

The recent update to Tweetie 2 included a slot machine pop-up that would run if you pulled down to refresh. It was pretty cool the first time I experienced it-actually the first two times since you had to pull twice to see the message “Coming Soon: Tweetie will be Twitter for iPhone.”

But soon after I hated everything about it and I never wanted to see the message again. It took me a while but you can actually pull down to refresh gently enough so as not to disturb the slot machine monster that I wish would die.

Twitter for iPhone should be released tomorrow. Keep it here for the details.

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