Charge Your iPad with Quickerteck’s Foldable Solar Panel

Charge Your iPad with Quickerteck’s Foldable Solar Panel

Quickerteck has done it again! First they brought us a charge monitor for the iPad that indicates if you’re getting enough juice to charge your pad. Now they’ve brought us a 10 watt foldable solar panel for the iPad that comes with the aforementioned charge monitor.

Quickerteck states that the panels will charge your iPad as fast as using a wall charger and they can be yours for a cool $250.

The name of the product is the best part: Apple Juicz.

My questions to you: Would you use this? Is it reasonably priced?

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    I used one of these for backpacking through Europe and they also charged my phone.  Works great with iGo power system.


    You can still get these iPad Solar Panels at:

    Retail is $299.99 but 8 Unlimited Solar has a sale price of $289.95

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