Ultimate Ears 700 Earphones: More Proof That Dynamite Comes In Small Packages [Review]

Ultimate Ears 700 Earphones: More Proof That Dynamite Comes In Small Packages [Review]

All that great sound and comfort comes with a few drawbacks though. First, these are only going to be comfortable for those who have absolutely no problem with anything in their ears. Proximity to the eardrum and a good seal seem to be even more important with the 700s than with other buds — and shoving these guys into my ear canal felt a little like a violation to begin with; but the sensation vanished early on, after a few insertions.

Most ultralight products aren’t the most robust, and the 700s are no exception. Ultimate Ears specifically warns to be careful when handling the actual buds and not pull them out of your ears by the thin cables — which is fairly common sense — but I’d also take care not to put too much strain on the plug, as the designers opted to go with a straight-in plug as opposed to an L-bend. The supplied attenuator does have an L-bend, but it’s bulky, and using it somewhat negates the advantage of having a super-lightweight pair of buds.

And like so many performance-driven products, they’re sans-convenience: No microphone or control buttons on this puppy. But then again, no one buys a Porsche (with the obvious exception of the Cayenne) for its luggage-toting abilities.

Finally, because of the slim profile, both the unit itself and the attenuator are compatible with the Original iPhone, should you be old school enough to still use one.

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