iPhone and iPad Apps Weekly Digest: Getting Musical, LEGO Photos and Battling Bees

iPhone and iPad Apps Weekly Digest: Getting Musical, LEGO Photos and Battling Bees

Left: Beatwave for iPad. Right: Beat It!

It’s time for our weekly digest of tiny iPhone reviews, courtesy of iPhoneTiny.com, with some extra commentary exclusive to Cult of Mac.

This time, we review Beat It!, Beatwave, Bee Spelled, LEGO Photo, and WhatTheFont.

Beatwave (iPad): Layered grid-synth. Several sounds + in-app purchase for more. iPad screen improves UX. 5/5 Free http://is.gd/bAIJQ

Beat It!: Hybrid drum sequencer/beat-match game. Fab art direction. Great fun in short bursts. Needs headphones 4/5 $2.99 http://is.gd/blSEw

Beatwave: Tenori-On-style instrument with multiple layers and sounds. UI a bit awkward, otherwise first-rate. 4/5 Free http://is.gd/bAIJQ

Bee Spelled: Boggle meets tactical and cartoony one-on-one fighter. Pleasant & fun, if a little easy. 3/5 $1.99 http://is.gd/bDFCj

LEGO Photo: Polished but limited LEGO mosaic filter for camera or stored pics. 3/5 Free http://is.gd/bC4VQ

WhatTheFont: Font identification app. Often inaccurate, but almost magical when it’s not. 3/5 Free http://is.gd/bFrMp

Yes, Beatwave was intentionally reviewed twice. On the iPhone, it’s a great grid synth, but a bit too fiddly to match Cult of Mac favorite TonePad Pro. But on iPad, the extra screen space suddenly turns Beatwave into a free Tenori-On-style instrument. The interface in part remains quirky, but the app is nonetheless deserving of our highest score and is also a worthy first iPad ‘app of the week’.

An honorable mention must go to Beat It!, though. It’s a great mash-up of drum machine, sequencer and rhythm-match videogame, with some fantastic art direction. Be warned, though: without headphones, it’s nigh-on impossible to hear some of the more bassy sounds.

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