Wall Street Journal to Charge $17.99 Monthly Subscription on iPad

Wall Street Journal to Charge $17.99 Monthly Subscription on iPad

Maintaining the pretense of objective journalist integrity by reporting in third-person upon itself, the Wall Street Journal claims that “according to a person familiar with the matter,” they’ll be charging you $17.99 a month to read on your iPad.

That’s ten bucks less than a monthly subscription costs… but that’s still a hefty price tag for digital content. My gut instinct is that only existing Wall Street Journal subscribers would be tempted by an annual $216 subscription… it’s not a price point that is going to attract new customers. That multimedia content better snap. What do you think?

  • Tyhyper

    Do not understand why it is so expensive to get subscription on the I-Pad. I believe the monthly subscription should run around 10 bucks. How much more is WSJ paying to have the electronic version delivered to customers. I believe it is an apple thing. WSJ wants to make as much money as possible by utilizing the I-Pad but they must realize that we are smart individuals. WSJ can keep their high price subscription. I will find alternate means for news.

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