Steve Jobs Answers Email Via iPad

Steve Jobs Answers Email Via iPad

It’s not easy being Steve Jobs: one minute, you’re the guy behind the world’s most admired company, the next you’re about to become a pin cushion turning a profit for a journalist as a sitcom.

Still, no matter what you think of Jobs, it’s cool that every now and then he takes a few seconds to answer email from everyday users.

He seems to have been busy with a lot of his famous, less-than-a sentence replies lately, but his answer to an Italian blogger at The Apple Lounge may be the first one he’s sent using an iPad. (Up until March 20, he was still using 3.1.2 iPhone OS.)

Nepori fired off an email to (sorry, you need Javascript to see this e-mail address) to know whether he would be able to access the free electronic books already amassed on  his library on the iPad.

The one-word answer from Jobs a day later: “Yep.”

So it doesn’t quite count for an elaborate or especially informative answer, but as Nepori told Cult of Mac:

“I have some sad news (especially for my Steve-caressed ego): he didn’t reveal anything special. The iBooks page on already says that you’ll be able to sync free eBooks. I was so excited about his answer that I didn’t notice it. My only excuse is that Italy doesn’t have an iBooks page, since iBooks won’t be available for us non-U.S. customers, but I wanted to ask anyway.”

So, even if it wasn’t the heart-to-heart an Apple aficionado might hope for, as Nepori puts it: at least it’s proof he likes the iPad enough to swap his iPhone for it.

Full email header below.

Steve Jobs Answers Email Via iPad

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