iCelebrity, Kevin Jonas

iCelebrity, Kevin Jonas

Still embarrassed for them, those nice Jonas Brothers sporting purity rings at the VMAs. These Hanson clones seemed determined to make the Aughties not very naughty. At least they have cool gear.

Here Kevin picks up shirts from a dry cleaners, keeping his iPhone 3g in hand. Remember, always true to you darling, in my fashion.

Photo: courtesy Bauer-Griffin

  • phaty

    C’mon now … an iPhone is not enough to make up for the REST … !

  • reaktivo

    another one of these celebrities with an iphone and i’m unsuscribing, there f*cking borring.

  • Thomas

    What Marcel said, please. Who cares?

  • phoenix

    Jonas who? iPhone with wha?

    Yeah – sorry, I have to back up the other commenters – I don’t know if things have just been slow or what, but this kind of post is pretty worthless. :(

  • oxiv

    plus he’s the ugliest one!

  • John

    He doesn’t deserve the bandwidth that the bytes that spell his name consume.

  • Michelle

    Shut up, all you haters! He’s not the ‘ugliest’ one, he’s actually really cute if you actually took the time to pay attention.

    He has a really nice voice, and if you are actually a REAL fan, you would know how much this boy contrubutes to the band.

    GO KEVY!

  • Jeff

    “Still embarrassed for them, those nice Jonas Brothers sporting purity rings at the VMAs. “

    I’m sorry, but why is that something to be embarrassed about? I think it shows class and intelligence.

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