Introducing Cult of Mac’s 100 Top Tips And Tricks For Windows Switchers


Starting tomorrow, Cult of Mac will be publishing a series of posts simply called “100 Essential Mac tips and tricks for Windows switchers.”

These will be short, simple posts explaining one thing at a time. They’re aimed very squarely at people who don’t know much about OS X. Complete beginners who have only recently started using a Mac, and still don’t quite understand how it all fits together.

The posts are also a work in progress, and we’d love to hear your ideas for things that should be included on the list.

So if you are one of those newcomers to OS X and you have a question you want answered; or if you’re an experienced Mac user and have noticed something that your newbie friends always get wrong – let me know. I’ll be delighted to hear your suggestions and use the best ones in future posts.

Send your ideas to (sorry, you need Javascript to see this e-mail address). I look forward to hearing from you.

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