iOS platformer Goblin Sword takes us back to the 8-bit glory days

Picture: Touch Arcade

Picture: Touch Arcade

I’m a massive fan of nostalgic 2-D platformers, so the sight of Goblin Sword has me buzzing. An entirely new iOS action platforming game, the title nonetheless borrows its inspiration from classic 8-bit platformers of the NES era of gaming, with cartoony sprites and highly detailed pixel-rendered backdrops.

Frankly it looks gorgeous, and the promise of a whopping 48 levels, 6 bosses, multiple weapons and suits of armor, and (arguably best of all) utter lack of in-app purchases just makes it sound all the more promising.

According to a thread posted on Touch Arcade, the game has already been submitted to Apple, so provided nothing goes wrong it should be popping up in the App Store sometime next week.

There’s currently no MFi controller support (this may be added if Goblin Sword does well), so all that’s left to do now is to pray for good touch controls, and to feast your eyes on the remaining screenshots:


  • drachemitch


    I know you’re not old enough to have ever had a NES, SNES or Genesis, and all “old” games look the same to you, but this is in the 16-bit style. Not even close to 8-bit.


    • Luke Dormehl

      You’re not *that* old. A lot of us remember the SNES, Genesis (well, Megadrive here in the UK) etc. generation consoles. To be fair, I went back and forth between dubbing this 8 and 16-bit. The backgrounds are definitely 16-bit, although there were a few 8-bit games with comparable stationary backgrounds. The sprites look pretty 8-bit style to me, though.

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