Widespread App Store outage keeps apps from downloading


Photo Sep 02, 11 12 48 PM

It’s been a hard few days for iCloud. Now the App Store is suffering a serious outage that’s keeping apps from downloading and updating.

Users around the world are seeing the message, “The item you tried is no longer available” when attempting to download an app.

While some users are still able to download apps, the vast majority are unable to download anything.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update if we receive a reply.

Update: Apple has acknowledged issues with the App, iBooks, and iTunes Stores that are “affecting some users.”

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  • Jeremy Huijon

    cool not just me then

  • Me

    Try it now. I was the same problem with me like 2 min ago but I tried it now and it worked!

  • Rick

    Must be an update not a system down problem, stop making it sound like Fox News would

    • AnnabellaDee99

      You mean CNN ….

  • Lance Hankins

    I got this when I was trying to update FB Messenger. I thought – Cool! They’ve finally decided to dump this POS app! Unfortunately a couple of hours later the damned thing did update… I’m bummed! :-(