Crystal Baller: iPhone 6 gets a sidekick, and 6 other juicy Apple rumors

  • Adrayven

    By your iPhone 5.5″ statement, that means the iWatch is unlikely too since we’ve seen NO hardware leaks on the iWatch.. None.. zilch, …. zip!

    So either your assertion that leaks = imminent release is true .. and no iWatch.. or the leaks we’ve seen are nearly all BS and the Media has been showing us tons of photo’s of ANDROID iPHONE 6’s FAKES based n the schematic from March..

    Guess what.. all those case leaks match that march schematic … and no one.. not a single person, has taken apart the android fake iPhone 6 to compare… why? hmmmm… because we wouldn’t have anything to talk about ?? maybe? other than all the media and ‘blog’ leakers would look like idiots..

    • Neal Miller


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