Crystal Baller: iPhone 6 gets a sidekick, and 6 other juicy Apple rumors



The iPhone 6 invites are out, but which rumors are true…

Apple made its iPhone 6 announcement official this week by sending invitations to an event on September 9th, but that's not going to stop the rumor mill from churning out new juicy tidbits of Apple gossip.

This week we’re back behind our crystal ball trying to divine the true meaning of the Apple universe and its endless rumors. Will NFC really land on the iPhone 6? Is a gigantic 13-inch iPad coming soon? And is the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 really just a ghost toying with our appetite for more pixels?

Step up to the crystal ball and see past the rumors and into the future…

Some iWatch with your iPhone 6

The Rumor: Apple will reveal its first wearable at next month’s iPhone event.

The Verdict: This rumor is so accurate, you could set your watch to it. Recode’s John Paczkowski, who reported the iWatch’s inclusion in iPhone event, has phenomenal Apple sources. He nailed the September 9th event months in advance, so you can trust that Apple’s first wearable will at least get some time in the spotlight at the Flint Center, even if the wide release doesn’t happen until a few months later.

Giant iPads coming soon

The Rumor: A 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be revealed at the beginning of 2015.

The Verdict: This is starting to sound believable. Apple could use a tablet aimed specifically an enterprise and people who think more inches would allow them to get work done. My only problem with the 12.9-inch iPad is that it’s just not big enough. 12inches? Jony, let’s stretch that thing out to 32-inches and toss a TV antenna inside so I can throw some double sided tape on the back and mount it to my living room wall.

Changing the charger

The Rumor: The iPhone 6 5-watt charger is getting a redesign.

The Verdict: Looks promising. Apple is redesigning its USB cables to be reversible, so why not throw some design love at its tiny charger. The leaked images we’ve seen look just like the charger Apple uses in the Australia, only with US prongs.

MacBooks go on a diet

Is this the last MacBook Air?

Photo: Apple

Barometer coming to iPhone 6

The Rumor: A barometric pressure sensor called “Phosphorus” will land on the iPhone 6.

The Verdict: Seems likely. The info comes courtesy of GeekBar which leaked a couple of wiring schematics last week. Android smartphones have used barometers since 2011, so it seems like something Apple would eventually start using too.

NFC payments hit the big time

The Rumor: The iPhone 6 will use NFC as the key piece of its mobile payments platform.

The Verdict: 2014 will the year the iPhone gets NFC. Apple prefers the battery performance of Bluetooth LE, but we’ve heard whispers that Apple needs NFC because it has better security when two devices shake hands. The NFC rumor has come and gone too many times for fans to get their hopes but, but even Gruber thinks NFC is coming to the iPhone, and also the iWatch.


5.5-inch iPhone 6 will be MIA on Sept. 9th

The Rumor: The first iPhablet won’t make an appearance at Apple’s iPhone 6 announcement.

The Verdict: Possibly not. There have been almost zero hardware leaks that hint at production ramping up. Countless rumors have claimed production issues have set the device back. The device will be like the iPhone and iPad’s incestuous cousin, so maybe it’d make more sense to announce it at the iPad event anyway, if the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is even a real device at all.

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  • Adrayven

    By your iPhone 5.5″ statement, that means the iWatch is unlikely too since we’ve seen NO hardware leaks on the iWatch.. None.. zilch, …. zip!

    So either your assertion that leaks = imminent release is true .. and no iWatch.. or the leaks we’ve seen are nearly all BS and the Media has been showing us tons of photo’s of ANDROID iPHONE 6’s FAKES based n the schematic from March..

    Guess what.. all those case leaks match that march schematic … and no one.. not a single person, has taken apart the android fake iPhone 6 to compare… why? hmmmm… because we wouldn’t have anything to talk about ?? maybe? other than all the media and ‘blog’ leakers would look like idiots..

    • Neal Miller