8 Nintendo games we’d pay a premium to see on iOS

  • markstickley

    I’m not bothered about specific games. I’ve played them all already. I’d like just 4 specific brands to appear on iOS: Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Pokemon. They would be brilliant, but sadly the only way I see this happening is when Nintendo goes the way of Sega – abandoning hardware. But I’d rather not see that happen.

  • Taylor

    Most of these games would be completely unplayable on iOS (without a controller, that is). How does this keep getting ignored? Nintendo games are great because they’re built around incredibly designed gameplay mechanics– which require the precision of buttons, d-pad, thumbstick, etc. Ocarina of time, for example, often requires a player to move with the thumbstick, target with the Z-trigger, dodge with the A-button, and attack with B– all simultaneously. Try doing that on an iPhone.

    I’m not saying that Nintendo couldn’t make great iOS games. I’m sure they could. But they would have to be completely different in execution. But stop saying that Nintendo is foolish for not porting “the classics” to mobile phones. To do so would be merely a cash-grab, and the end result would be an insult to gamers and Nintendo’s legacy.

    • lucascott

      Seems like you haven’t really been keeping up with the tech. Between MFi controllers with built in iOS support and Metal there is little of this argument left.

      That said, I think they should start with the classic games. The original Mario trilogy, Donkey Kong etc. These would be so such better to lure new fans into the franchises than Temple Run: Mario etc. Which is not to say those kinds of games wouldn’t have some appeal also but they shouldn’t be the only thing. Let the 3D stuff stay on the consoles for now. If the 2D games hook in then start with the early 3D stuff that was less complicated.

      Perhaps even release an official Nintendo accessory series of MFi controllers based on the original console ones. Heck for fun bring back a limited edition Power Glove. Why? Because its so bad

      • Taylor

        Read my first sentence again. I’m aware of MFi controllers.

        The problem with the iOS controller situation is the App Store policies regarding their support. Controller support is allowed, yes, but cannot be mandatory.

        So you get games like the recently-released Bioshock port, which plays great with a controller, but 99% of people who play will play it with terrible touch controls. Unless the MFi controller business becomes serious, and Apple allows controller-only games, Nintendo doesn’t really have a place on iOS. They are absurdly concerned with controlling the user-experience, and won’t put out non-optimal versions of their games.

        I once played the original 2D Mario games on an emulator on a GS3. It was abysmal. Not because the emulator wasn’t working well, but because touch controls don’t work for platformers. Platforming– the most successful genre in gaming history (besides FPS), and there’s yet to be a good or successful one on the App Store.

        In the next decade, the only chance I see of Nintendo putting games on a smartphone would be if they created their own with a built-in controller.

        (This would be awful. Nintendo really struggles with OS design.)

      • Taylor
  • Bomyne

    No to the last one. FPS games don’t do that well without a keyboard and mouse. But yes to the pokemon and Mario ones.

  • anon

    You can play some of the older games on GBA4iOS which is a downloadable app from the internet. Especially the older Pokemon games.

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