Simple 2.0 for iPhone is the most gorgeous banking app ever


Simple is the bank that refuses to be just a bank. Existing entirely online through its web and mobile apps, Simple offers slick budgeting tools, instant money transfers between accounts, and a great design.

Today Simple 2.0 for iOS and Android was released with a beautiful, iOS 7-inspired redesign and a couple other features.

Like Square Cash, Simple lets you quickly transfer money to your friends and family. The feature was limited to the web app until today, so now you can send funds from the iPhone.

Simple’s budgeting system, called Goals, has also been redesigned to “feel more at home on mobile.” The ability has been added to add memos to independent goals and shortcuts for moving funds between goals.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.32.44 PM

As you can see from the screenshots, the new app completely abandons its former texture-rich, iOS 6-like design for a flatter, more minimalistic look. There’s plenty of whitespace with clear typography, and even the icon has gotten a new coat of paint.

If you haven’t already checked out Simple as an alternative to your bank, the company’s FAQ is a good place to start. Simple 2.0 is a free download in the App Store.

  • Leovinius

    So… this is a 3rd party app to manage your accounts? That would be against the terms of service of any bank, I’m sure. After all, you are giving someone else access to your login.

    • Sean Clark

      That is a frequently asked question.

    • Kaiser De Kam

      No, it’s a separate bank all it’s own. You do need to give it some information to perform an initial deposit from an existing bank account to get the Simple account started. Once you’re started though you could transfer every cent you have into it and throw away your old bank, hence the slogan, “Replace your bank”.

    • dallas

      No, this is a legitimate bank. You don’t control another bank account, you control your Simple account.

      Highly better than any bank i’ve ever been with, by the way

    • TucsonMatt

      Not sure that is correct as you can sign up for Mint, Wave, Quicken, etc. and they all log into your bank account. But, this is for their own bank, anyway, not like using it for your Wells Fargo account. Looks nice, but I like a real bank I can go to and use their ATM’s.

  • Tom

    SOO annoying this isn’t in the UK!

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