Creative Sound Blaster Roar: a powerful Bluetooth speaker with five drivers and built-in subwoofer [Sponsored post]

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This post is brought to you by Creative Labs, creator of the Sound Blaster Roar.

The Sound Blaster Roar is the epitome of audio quality, features and great looks combined into one device.

Musicality, accurate timbre, tonality, with deep, tight bass within a portable Bluetooth wireless speaker shouldn’t be a pipe dream. Creative Labs boasts of defying these laws of acoustic engineering with their Sound Blaster Roar.

Their innovative acoustic chamber design allows the Roar to adopt an impressive five-driver speaker design, which includes two high-performance amplifiers and a built-in subwoofer. Beyond the audio quality prowess, this Red Dot design award-winning speaker also includes a whole host of nifty features, doubling up as a portable battery bank, MP3 player, voice recorder and a speakerphone.

The critically acclaimed Sound Blaster Roar is Creative Labs’ latest accomplishment — a portable NFC Bluetooth wireless speaker that boasts of doing the impossible of achieving powerful, balanced, well-defined audio without compromising on size, looks, battery life or feature set.

Through their innovative acoustic chamber design with an impressive five-driver speaker setup consisting of two amplifiers and a built-in subwoofer, the Roar proves that it is possible to have powerful, balanced and well-defined sound with heart-thumping bass from a device no larger than a booklet. All this, without sacrificing battery performance.

Not just a wireless speaker, the Roar also comes integrated with a whole host of useful features including NFC compatible, microSD MP3 player, voice recorder and speakerphone.

The Roar has a 6000-mAh Li-ion battery with 8-hour battery life and also doubles as a portable battery bank.

The Red Dot Design Award-winning Sound Blaster Roar has received consistent 5-star reviews on Amazon since its launch. Now available at an attractive price of $149.99 via and

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  • BarryDwight

    How does it compare to the (gold standard) Bose mini soundlink? I read on amazon you can pair these Roars up 2x.. That’s a nice feature if true

    • MacAdvisor

      Who knows? This is an ad and Cult of Mac is being paid to say nice things.

    • Natalia Ginzburg

      The reviews seems pretty good for the roar, 414 5-star reviews! And it cost lesser than the bose soundlink mini .. .hmm.

  • MacAdvisor

    This is a “sponsored post.” That means it is nothing more than a paid ad. It isn’t reliable or objective information, but a sales job. There aren’t any honest comparisons, but just more ads cluttering up the real content. Bad enough there are so, so many ads on Cult of Mac these days, but to slip in even more ads masquerading as an actual story is just poor form. Shame on you, Cult of Mac. Your readers are better than this and deserve better from you.

  • Alex Kahney

    Sponsored posts on Cult of Mac are indeed “sponsored” by the advertiser but do not knowingly give wrongful information about the featured products.