Adobe outlines how to switch to Lightroom once Apple kills Aperture

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Now that Apple has ceased development of Aperture, it’s time to start looking for alternative photo management and editing solutions. The obvious choice is Lightroom, which Adobe has committed to continue work on heavily in the future.

Adobe is working on a migration tool to take all of your Aperture data and bring it to Lightroom, but until then, the company has outlined how to make the switch on your own.

Alongside a new website that touts the advantages of Lightroom over Aperture, Adobe has released a PDF document that provides step-by-step instructions on exporting photos out of Apple’s abandoned program.

For those familiar with Aperture and basic photo management, the process is relatively straightforward. Adobe explains how to create a backup, export photos along with their TIFF versions to maintain past edits, and then import everything into Lightroom.

While Lightroom is certainly more feature-rich than Aperture, Apple’s app design was better for managing large collections of photos. It’s a shame to see Aperture go after all these years, but Apple has said that some of its pro features will be rolled into the brand new Photos app that’s coming to OS X Yosemite in early 2015.

Adobe sells Lightroom for $10 per month through its Creative Cloud Photography plan, which includes the desktop, web, and mobile apps plus Photoshop CC.

  • mahadragon

    I’ll just use the new Photos App. That holds a lot more promise to me than Lightroom which I already have. I don’t like the user interface in Lightroom, I think it’s ugly, clunky, and uninspiring. And features-wise, I wish people would stop making it sound like Lightroom is head and shoulders above Aperture. It isn’t. There are some things Lightroom can do that Aperture can’t and vice versa.

  • Lee Hammond

    You lost me at ‘Creative Cloud service…’

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