Shazam unleashes new always-on music recognition app for Mac


Song recognition service Shazam has launched a cool new Mac app. Called, originally, Shazam for Mac, the always-on app lives in your Mac’s menu bar, and offers some neat features.

Constantly listening for songs to identify, Shazam for Mac springs to life whenever it finds a song you want to know about, creating a playlist as it goes along, and alerting users via a standard Notification Center popup. Once a song has been ID’d, the app gives you the option of one-click access to lyrics, music videos, or the option to buy the track on iTunes.

Even more cleverly, if the audio turns out to be from a TV show — provided it’s featured as part of Shazam’s library (which covers around 160 U.S. TV station) — the app can link you to cast lists and other useful info from IMDB and Wikipedia.

The idea of an always-on listening app may alarm some users, but it’s a pretty handy app that expands the functionality you’d expect to find from Shazam’s iOS iteration — which is set to be baked into Siri as part of the upcoming iOS 8.

Shazam for Mac can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store at the below link.

  • Morgan Blackpowder

    Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I don’t want a computer constantly listening to me.

    • Scott Landis

      I’m usually not paranoid and I don’t want my computer constantly listening to me. That’s too much data that could be accessed.

    • Nick

      I may be wearing my tinfoil hat here, but I’m pretty sure the organisations that you worry about having your information can already listen to you. They don’t need an app.

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