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So you don't have to slog through a lake of reviews to find something you’re just going to put down after 10 minutes, Cult of Mac has waded through the iTunes Store to compile a list of the best new books, movies and music to come out this week.

This week we've found a documentary on the world's worst soccer team, a scathingly satiric book on America's fame obsession, and the funnest pop-punk album of the summer.


War of the Whales, by Joshua Horwitz

Fans of the Blackfish documentary will enjoy Joshua Horwitz's incredible new book that takes readers into the tale of an attorney who stumbled onto the US Navy's submarine detection system that floods the ocean with devastating high-intensity sound waves, driving whales onto beaches. A legal fight is launched to expose and challenge the Navy's program, but the effort to reveal the truth sets up an epic battle that spills over the pages of War of the Whales, combining legal drama, natural history, and military intrigue into an surprising tale of the battle for the ocean's future.

iTunes - $12.99

Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again

Never Hungover Again, the third album from Torrance-based pop-punk quartet Joyce Manor, is the group’s most diverse effort yet with higher production than past LPS and even more instantly-likeable jams packed into the ten songs that clock in at just 19 minutes total.

iTunes - $9.99


Scarlett Johansson's sci-fi thriller Lucy is set to dominate the box office this weekend, but if you'd rather watch another summer sci-fi flick that amps up a hollywood sex symbol's brain power to world dominating levels, check out Transcendace. It's got Jonny Depp, Morgan Freeman, and it's now available to rent.

iTunes - $5.99

Next Goal Wins

Germany just made Brazil look like the worst team in the world with a 7-1 beat down on its way to the World Cup title, but let me introduce you to the absolute worst team in the world: American Samoa. In 2001 they lost to Australia 31 - 0. The world's worst ever defeat. The team hadn't won a single game in decade, but in the documentaryNext Goal Wins, you get to take a ride with the ultimate underdogs on their road to redemption.

iTunes - $4.99

Arts and Entertainments, by Christopher Beha

You know our culture's obsession with fame has reached moronic levels when Kim Kardashian has the top game on the App Store. Christopher Beha's new novel, Arts and Entertainments lands this month with a biting and incisive take-down on our love for the fame game thanks to the hilarious story of Handsome Eddie Hartley who disastrously dives into the spotlight by releasing a sex tape of his ex-girlfriend who has since become a popular TV-star.

iTunes - $9.99

La Roux - Trouble in Paradise

The music on La Roux's second album, Trouble in Paradise, is bright, fun, slick and somehow immediately familiar. In some ways, Elly Jackson's synthpop songs remind me of like a 2010-hipsterized version of Gloria Estefan and her glorious 80's dance beats, only Ms. Roux is obviously from Britain, rather than the shores of Havana, and not quite as dangerously talented.

iTunes - $7.99


One Plus One, by JoJo Moyes

If you don't want to read about how the government is screwing whales, or get depressed by a satiric takedown on our collective obsession with fame, you may be interested in Jojo Moyes newest opposites-attract love story, One Plus One, that provides a quirky tale of two lopsided families struggling to find love.

iTunes - $10.99

Common - Nobody's Smiling

For his tenth studio album, Common steps back into the violence and crime flourishing in Chicago's city streets. Nobody's Smiling is short on big name guest appearances - other than an verse from Big Sean on Diamonds followed by Jhene Aiko on Blak Majik - but the wordplay from Common threading through the issues plaguing the city that made him a star show why he's earned his elder statesman status in the rap world.

iTunes - $11.99

Dom Hemingway

After spending 12 years in prison, Jude Law's loud mouth, safe-cracking character, Dom Hemingway, is back on the streets of London and ready to take back everything he's owed. Even if you don't like Jude Law, it's got plenty of great British humor and Game of Thrones' khaleesi to hold your attention.

iTunes - $5.99


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