Cuppa’tino: Apple’s new iCup technician can’t be your average Joe


When it comes to the driving forces behind Silicon Valley innovation, caffeine would rank pretty high on the list.

If you’ve always wanted to get an inside peak at Apple, but don’t have the kind of computer science or engineering background you think you need, you may be interested to hear that Apple recently advertised a position as “iCup Technician.” Your job? To keep the iPhone, iPad and other Apple divisions up to their chattering teeth in coffee throughout the day.

“The Apple iCup Services is specially designed to provide a fresh brew coffee to all Apple employees within their department,” is how Apple phrases the position. “The iCup staff is also available on call during business of operation.”

Apple asks that people applying for the position have “prior work experience with coffee machines,” possess “excellent customer service skills,” have an “ability to multitask” and, naturally, possess “some computer skills.”

The successful candidate will also be able to conform to Apple’s stringent security demands, with the ad stating that applicants must “maintain the highest standards of conduct and confidentiality.”

Cupertino must have some pretty good coffee. After all, someone once paid $610,000 for a single cup! Or perhaps we’re missing something?

  • Jerome Garot

    What if this is the trial for one of the first homekit appliances, making coffee with THEIR latest machine… iCup

  • Jonas Hamill

    Basically it’s for a the Coffee Bitch.

    i want that job.

    • Jonas Hamill

      How do i apply?

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