Manage your digital files with M4VGear DRM Media Converter [Sponsored post]


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Do you want to copy or convert your videos, TV shows and music videos to other formats so that they can be watched on all your devices? Currently, movies purchased or rented on the iTunes store are DRM encrypted so as to restrict their viewing to Apple devices and iTunes. Moreover, if Apple pulls a video from iTunes, it can no longer be accessed even though the viewer purchased it.

M4VGear DRM Media Converter is the fastest DRM remover on the market. This software package can remove DRM from your iTunes movie library 20 times faster and converts iTunes M4V video files to unprotected mp4 format with perfect output quality for iOS. Watch the video here.

Apple’s iTunes store, among other big-time media vendors including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, encrypts its digital video files using DRM technologies. This means although you the customer may purchase or rent movies, TV shows and music videos from iTunes, you cannot copy them or store them on your non-Apple devices. And, if your movie files are pulled from iTunes, you can no longer view them.

M4VGear DRM Media Converter removes DRM restrictions from iTunes videos. It is a lossless converter, preserving 1080p HD resolution and retaining perfect 5.1 audio. Output videos from M4VGear also keep all your movies’ subtitles after conversion.

M4VGear for Mac is available for purchase here, price cut to $49.95.

  • Mike Smith

    M4VGear DRM Video Converter is the fastest software to convert my iTunes purchased videos. It can even convert the rental movie to DRM free MP4 video. Thanks for sharing!