How Fire Phone’s fancy features might take on iPhone 6

How Fire Phone’s fancy features might take on iPhone 6

After years of work on its first mobile phone, Amazon has finally revealed the Fire Phone. Boasting an extensive recognition system known as Firefly and 3-D features powered by something called Dynamic Perspective, the device is now available for pre-order.

In today’s video we give you an overview of the flashy new device, which was unveiled Wednesday by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and compare Fire Phone to Apple’s mobile offerings (both the current iPhone 5s and the upcoming iPhone 6).

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  • Chris

    nope not interested

  • digitaldumdum

    “How Fire Phone’s fancy features might take on iPhone 6″

    Here’s a prediction you can take to the bank: the Fire Phone may be “taking on the iPhone 6″, as you put it, but it will never, •ever• even come close. Not in any way… except perhaps the ease in purchasing stuff from Amazon.

    Besos is clever and certainly has resources. The Fire Phone will also probably have some cool whiz-bang. But Apple’s resources are far deeper and wider, and so well defined, Amazon will not make a dent in the former’s decades-old, mature “eco-system.”

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