Deals of the Day

  • SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT is needed in photo handling and I don’t see it covered here. Choice in file naming, order, organizing, etc. is no where near OSX. Such limitation doesn’t need to be this way.

    • How you manage your photos on your phone is not how you manage them on your desktop. They are two completely different workflows.

      Who the heck is going to sit around managing their photos on their iPhone when they can do it 10x faster on their desktop? Just sync and edit on your computer.

      The iPhone does NOT need these features and Apple will never add them.

  • The icons for camera and voice in Messages were green OR blue, it made it even easier to identify SMS or iMessage. They should change it back.
    The “Do not include” section for Notification Center in Settings has been there since iOS 7.

    • How do you know what color to make the icons in a group message? Hmmmmm? A group message that could have both iMessage and SMS users in the same thread….

      • Only THEN it should be gray.
        As long as it says iMessage or text message in the text field, I do prefer the blue or green icons, they look better too.