Your picks for Apple’s next ‘thought leader’

Cult of Mac readers came through again: after our nominees, here are your semi-serious and sometimes outrageous picks for who should be coming up with the next big ideas at Apple.

One small footnote: Apple tweaked the job title on us. Now they are looking for a “business intelligence thought leader” rather than just a plain old “thought leader,” but the party game is still a fun one.

  • Aannddyy

    Deepak Chopra!?!? You lost me there. Can’t believe I wasted time reading this garbage.

    • qjL6Kry05

      Look, it’s called “cult of mac”, not “logic of mac”, “insight of mac”, not even “journalism of mac”. Give ‘em a break. I mean their writers need to constantly drink to numb the pain of working for this site.

  • tom cohen

    Bibi Netanyahu

  • Masjävel

    In two posts, no women…

    • Mark Langston

      Good observation. Noticed no Black people made the list either.

  • Mark Langston

    Guy Kawaski would be a horrible choice. He’s just as bitter and ridiculous sounding as Woz is right now.

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