The future of the iPhone 5c, Apple pays Lebron and the rest of this week’s hottest news



Back in 2008, basketball star LeBron James received a small stake in Beats Electronics in exchange for promoting the company’s headphones. Now that Apple has bought Beats, guess how much James is set to make? You really don’t want to know, but watch our news wrap anyway. The rest of it, including updates on split-screen iPad multitasking and the future of the iPhone 5c. will cheer you up.

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  • Adrayven

    Great review.. but, work on avoiding your queue cards.. could tell you kept looking over to them. :)

    • Joshua Smith

      Hey thanks for watching @Adrayven:disqus. I’ve seen you comment on a few of my posts before and I appreciate the advice and continual support!

  • BB BB

    Lose the 5C apple maybe start selling the 5s instead when the 6 hits to keep 4″ users happy