Devs dish on what’s hot about iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and Swift

What’s your take on iOS 8, Swift and OS X Yosemite?

Got your own favorite features in Apple’s latest releases? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

  • Stephen Hagans

    Is there no article here or…?

    • Lester Cabrera

      It has. Click on the thumbnails and you will see interviews from several developers.

      • Swanny246

        Took me a moment to work that out as well, considering the instruction to click through the slide show was in the very last sentence.

        Slide shows are a terrible layout for articles. I wish writers would stop using that. No one cares about the faces of the developers, lay it out in an article instead. Much easier to read.

  • Emilio Orione

    From a strategic point of view Swift is above all by far, for a tactical point of view major changes in current app will be determined by app extension and the accessory market will be revamped by health kit and home kit.
    What I really really liked is Swift (assuming access modifiers will come) and what excite me more in the short period is IPC API.

  • RyanTV

    I hate this new way you guys are presenting stories – having us click through different pictures. No good.

    • Telidon!

      I kinda like the content of these new-form articles but you are correct: the click-thru is horribly annoying. One more thing: soooo, there ain’t no such thing as a female dev?

      • Lewis Wallace

        See above re: gallery format @disqus_SUTZKdLTN3:disqus. About those female devs at WWDC — men definitely outnumbered women on the streets outside Moscone Center. We honestly tried to get some female coders for our “devs on the street” roundup, but they were apparently too busy soaking up WWDC to stop and get interviewed by us. Maybe next time!

    • Lewis Wallace

      Sorry you don’t like the new gallery formats, RyanTV. But we’re running far more original images on the site these days and galleries seem to work better for most users than stacking a dozen or more images on top of each other in a “normal” story format. We will continue to experiment, rethink and upgrade the website’s design — more changes to come.

      • Sadeq Farahat

        I hate Ads between them

      • Lewis Wallace

        Hmmmm … don’t know what we can do about that, @sadeqfarahat:disqus. Gotta pay the bills.

      • Swanny246

        Slide shows are fine when there is a point to them. In this case, no, there wasn’t much of a point.

        The subject of the article was the OPINIONS of everyday developers, not their appearance, their smiles or what they were wearing.

        If you have to use a slide show for whatever reason, it’d pay to at least make it more obvious. In this case, you merely buried the fact that the opinions were in the slide show, in a very short sentence at the very end of the article. Not user friendly at all.

      • RyanTV

        You could do it as a single story divided by images. The ONLY reason you guys are doing it in this click-through gallery is to present readers with more and more ads. Ads are fine, but not at the expense of usability of your website.

      • zionita

        Galleries do NOT work better for users. Just put them all on one page. We all know this is so you can get more ad impressions.

  • Erik B. Smith

    This was kind of a weird article for me. I’m not even a developer, but I was able to download Yosemite and think I could have typed more things about it than all those interviewed combined…

    • Nick_Germ

      Brevity is the soul of wit

  • Nick Sharratt

    Key things from this WWDC: Apple have made development for OSX and iOS drastically cheaper, quicker and more “fun” which will accelerate development on their platform giving them more attractive content and hence more reasons for people to buy their hardware. Small developers can now develop cloud solutions which can grow to establish a strong revenue stream before they have to worry about paying for the back end infrastructure. That’s huge. And then there’s the drastic change to view controllers etc which are all aimed at making apps able to work with variable screen sizes – which will then enable the larger devices, iWatches but perhaps more importantly, side by side multitasking (especially when combined with a secure safe way for apps to work together on docs/data without opening the platform up to the malware horror that Android suffers by having its primitive raw file level shared access for apps). I don’t think apple over sold this as the most revolutionary WWDC for a long time – it’s just that it’s going to now take 6-12 months for devs to start making use of all the new abilities before users will really see why all of this was really important things. I’m actually disappointed that very few devs seem to have grasped quite where Apple are going with all this to appreciate which the true import.

  • A. B. Vijay Kumar

    Thanks for featuring me

  • okGlass

    Thanks Lewis for featuring. It’s good to know opinions of other devs on WWDC14. Nice initiative.

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