Thursday Deals: The CrazyTalk Animator 2 Bundle and Vidbox for Mac [Deals]


We’re shining a spotlight on a couple of deals here at Cult of Mac Deals – one that will help you wrap your head around creating animations on your Mac and another that will help you move from the analog to the digital world.

The CrazyTalk Animator 2 Bundle offers award-winning, professional 2D animation software and a ton of video tutorials to get you up to speed with using the software. If you’ve ever wanted to create top-notch animation, then this bundle is going to be for you. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $49 during this limited time offer.

Here’s what you get in The CrazyTalk Animator 2 Bundle (Note: Regular pricing is listed in parentheses):

  1. CrazyTalk Animator 2 Standard for Mac: CrazyTalk Animator2 is a revolutionary animation suite with all the necessary tools to easily create pro-level animation. In addition to seamless mix-and-match character customization, it also offers creative and fun visual render styles that can dictate or enhance the mood of any scene. Designed for everyone from cartoon and movie creators to artists, illustrators, web designers, and educators, powerful features like body motion puppet and auto lip-sync truly set it apart from other 2D animation software. (Value: $50)
  2. CrazyTalk Animator 2 Training Videos: The perfect companion for your CrazyTalk Animator 2 software, this training video will show you the ins and outs of the software and how to get the most out of it. You’ll learn to turn images into fully animated characters, mix and match to create unique character styles, easily dock/undock tools to fit your own workspace, quickly create fantastic 2D / 3D animations, intuitively manage the timeline, and make use of cross-platform compatibility for enhanced workflow flexibility. (Value: $30)

But we’ve got another deal that you should take a peek at as well…

Perhaps you’ve uncovered some of those old VHS tapes in the attic, only to find that they don’t look quite like they used to. Archiving those old tapes might be the best way to ensure they survive another generation, but what good are they if you can’t enjoy them? Enter Vidbox. With Vidbox, any Mac user can easily convert old VHS, Betamax and camcorder tapes to DVDs and digital formats and save those precious memories captured on home video. Step-by-step pictorial instructions guide you through the process, making this product great even for novice users. You can learn more about this deal — priced at only $54.99 — here.

There are plenty of other deals available at Cult of Mac Deals, so head to the main deals page now to check each and every one of them out!

Thursday Deals: The CrazyTalk Animator 2 Bundle and Vidbox for Mac [Deals]

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