When will the iPhone 6 be released? September 19th, says German telecom

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Ever since the iPhone 4s was released, it hasn’t been hard to predict when Apple will release the next iPhone. In the second week of September on a Tuesday, Apple holds its annual iPhone event; ten days later, the newest iPhone is released in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and a handful of other countries.

Following this logic, it’s pretty easy to guess that the iPhone 6 will be released on September 19th this year, after being announced on September 9th. And, in fact, that’s just what a German telecom is now predicting.

According to Apple blog Apfelpage.de, officials for Deutsche Telekom have been notified that Apple’s next iPhone will be released on September 19th. Since Germany is traditionally in the first iPhone launch window with every new generation, that makes it extremely likely that Americans will get it on the same date.

The iPhone 6 is believed to boast Apple’s new 64-bit A8 processor. A larger phone rumored to be at least 4.7-inches, it will have a thin, iPod touch like form factor, a sapphire glass display, a new camera, and more.

Can this rumor be believed? It could be a solid guess disguised as insider intel, or the first official confirmation of what many of us have guessed all along. Either way, unless Apple changes its release window drastically with the sixth iPhone, you can count on the iPhone 6 being released just around the time the two-year contracts of iPhone 5 early adopters runs out, mid-way through September.

  • http://www.designstrategies.com Len Williams

    Sounds like the perfect time for me to upgrade from my 4S to the new iPhone 6. Can’t wait to have that larger 4.7″ screen. It will be a HUGE jump up from my 4S’s 3.5″ screen, and will make it much easier for my aging eyes to use Maps and surf the web. Come on September!

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