Give your Mac a speed boost with this quick tip

Give your Mac a speed boost with this quick tip

It’s totally irritating when you’re using your Mac and it slows down all of a sudden. While your computer is obviously doing what you’re focusing on, it can also be working hard on pointless tasks running in the background. In today’s how-to video, find out how to stop this and speed up your Mac in no time.

  • Guido Fioravantti

    Or you could just open up a terminal and type “sudo purge”, which is basically what this does.

  • Brian Boccia

    Unused RAM makes your computer slower. If you open an app that uses the stuff you just cleared out of memory, it now has to re-load it from your much slower disk. So, unless you have zero free memory and an app is trying to take up a ton more, this is actually a really harmful tip.

    • Tristan

      The problem is OSX is pretty bad about freeing up the RAM so you are more likely to run out of available RAM first, which would make things slower than clearing the memory. This app can be set to auto purge the RAM only if it gets close to running out which seems to be a net benefit versus going into virtual memory.

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