Faux-wood chopping board hides Wi-Fi-connected kitchen scale


It looks like a chopping board made of wood — but it isn’t, and it isn’t. Instead, Thingk’s Gkilo (we imagine the names were conjured up during an alcohol-induced haze late one night and scrawled on the back of a cocktail napkin, then semi-deciphered the next morning) is actually a dual kitchen scale and clock disguised as a chopping board.

Gkilo’s display functions as a clock when the rectangular slab is oriented vertically; lay it down horizontally and it becomes a kitchen scale. Gkilo also has a friend: Thingk’s Clogk, a blogk of faugx woogd that doubles as a clock/kitchen timer with a touch interface.

The coolest thing about this Indiegogo project, besides making your kitchen more woodsy (or marble-y or metallic — the set comes in more than one finish), is that Gkilo and Clogk will be able to communicate with each other and perform some neat tricks through an iOS or Android app. For instance, Thingk says, place a food item on the scale, identify it through the app and Clogk will automatically suggest a cooking time based on the food’s weight. Neat.

Problem is, the set isn’t <i>actually</i> Wi-Fi-connected just yet. The devices come “wireless-ready,” meaning you must supply the wireless module and pop it into its housing on the device. Thingk says the two will come ready with wireless modules if they reach a future stretch goal, and assuming they reach their first goal.

There are still a few $100 pledges left for a single device at the project’s Indiegogo site; a $195 pledge will net you the set. Expected delivery is August.

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