Sync all your smartphones, media players, storage devices and Macs with SyncMate [Sponsored post]



This post is brought to you by Eltima Software, creator of SyncMate.

Do you have more than one Mac and a bunch of devices running iOS or Android, use cloud storage or mp3 players/cameras that support MTP and want to sync all your files across your computers? Now you can with a single app: SyncMate.

SyncMate is probably the only Mac sync software that allows syncing Mac with multiple devices simultaneously (Android devices, unlimited quantity of iOS devices, other Macs, any MTP devices, and mounted storages). No need to purchase several sync solutions in order to sync your Mac with each device – just download SyncMate and all supported devices will be synced within one application.

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With its intuitive user interface, SyncMate has lots of sync options. SyncMate lets you sync your Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, Safari bookmarks, iTunes and iPhoto. SyncMate lets you read and manage your SMS messages as well as text your friends and watch through Call History directly from your Mac. SyncMate offers you a convenient way of managing Android messages – you can read, create, send or delete them right on your Mac. Moreover, SyncMate offers you to sync your devices automatically in the background.

SyncMate allows to connect and sync in different ways. iOS, MTP and mounted devices require USB connection. But, this is more secure than using cloud services, says the company. I can live with that. The company claims that the software syncs automatically across several Macs, though. Also, Android phones sync via wifi, Bluetooth or USB.

SyncMate seems especially useful for small office setups – imagine not having to install all your business documents on a local secure server or having to use DropBox manually all the time.

Of course, if you are a pure Apple person you will probably have all your devices synced to your Mac anyway. But if you use Android phone, SyncMate is pretty handy.

SyncMate is available in two editions. The Free edition helps you solve basic syncing problems, while Expert edition offers an extremely wide range of synchronization options of your Mac with multiple devices. Expert edition normally starts at $39.95 for personal edition (2 Macs), $59.95 for family (up to 6 Macs) and $199.95 for business pack with an unlimited number of Macs, but Cult of Mac readers can get an exclusive 25% discount on Expert edition by entering the coupon code: SM5-DSC-CLTOFMAC.


  • Theodore Williams

    I have three smartphone (two are for work), plus a laptop and a desktop. I keep them all in sync with GoodSync’s software- couldn’t be easier to use!

  • tfb2014

    I use GoodSync to back up all of my important files and photos and it works seamlessly between multiple devices.

  • Sgt. Johnson

    with the increase of devices, i use goodsync to keep all my files backed up and n*sync

    • ComputerPhil

      this is the first time I have seen the word/name “n*sync” since the late 90s.

  • ComputerPhil

    I don’t know what I would do without GoodSync, with the addition of GoodSync connect in version 9, I can even sync data over the cloud to my various computers and devices without having to worry about trusting someone else to store my files online.

    • Rei Rei Guado

      I looked into this product and was pretty impressed, I needed a solution that worked with Windows and Mac, was looking into SyncMate but goodsync looks like the better choice.

  • Mark Rogers

    I used GoodSync Connect to remotely synchronize my PCs