10 games to make you not regret buying an Android

iOS still beats Android when it comes to quality apps and games. But lots of us use Android tablets and smartphones for one reason (price) or another (freedom), so we might as well make the best of it.

You can find some great games on the Android platform, many of them free or low cost, too. So don’t settle for the same old free-to-play crap — download these great Android games today.

A list of links and prices follows.

  • VotersRights

    Why is this in CoM?

  • http://www.franklinmcmahon.com Franklin McMahon

    I often see posts about Android on Cult of Mac…now a round up of Android games? Why is this on here?

  • Ely Mantz

    dittos. get this crap off here.

  • Gabriel

    Don’t get it, almost all of this games are available on iOS…

    • Rob LeFebvre

      Yes, but ALSO on Android, which is kind of the point. Here’s games that are really good, and you can get them on that free phone you sort of wish was an iPhone but isn’t. No regrets!

  • $43641445


  • http://ilferreira.tumblr.com/ Jorge Ferreira

    Seriously? On CoM?

  • LucioM

    Could you please tell us what kind freedom are you talking about? The freedom of letting a background app drawning your battery or the freedom of letting google spying and selling info about your life?

  • http://imikezero.tumblr.com/ Mike Zero

    I was confused by this article being on here. Maybe you can make some more posts about other products that Apple competes with as well.

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    4 Reasons You Should Own a Toshiba instead of a Macbook

    Oh yea and finally…


    • Jhabril_Harris

      I’ll be honest I thought this was going to redirect to the Cult of Android website instead.

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    This is treason!!!!!

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