Plot Twistz fills your daily quota of movies and puns

Plot Twistz

Here’s a quick, funny, and surprisingly challenging word game for movie buffs.

Plot Twistz by Adrenaline Punch
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: Free

Plot Twistz presents you with a slightly modified plot to a famous film, and your job is to figure out the name of the augmented movie. You get the answer by changing one letter of the original title, which doesn’t sound like much, but you’d be surprised.

It’s also pretty hilarious if you love puns.

Plot Twistz

This game … this game gets me.

Not much more to it than that. You have 100 puzzles to get through, and maybe you’ll be cruising along feeling like it’s stupid easy, and then one will show up and stump you. But even when you’re blasting through the puzzles, it’s still fun, and it has enough humor to keep you from getting bored.

You have a few powerups if you get really stumped. You can reveal one letter, eliminate all but the ones that go into the answer, or just skip the puzzle entirely.


Since it’s free, it’s full-up with ads. You can get rid of them with a $2.99 in-app purchase, but it’s really not too hard to live with them.

But it definitely has enough entertainment jammed in there to be worth a couple bucks.

Plot TwistzGame Name: : Plot Twistz
The Good: Funny, simple, and clever.
The Bad: Does not tell you what the powerups do until you use them, and you can’t go back to puzzles you skip.
The Verdict: If you don’t like puns, you’ll hate it, but it’s a clever diversion for word-lovers and movie fans.
Buy from: App Store – Plot Twistz – Adrenaline Punch

Cult of Mac rating: 4/5

  • Ron Hawkins

    OK, what’s the answer to question 11?

  • Ron Hawkins

    Never mind, forgot about the one letter change. Sight Club, duh!

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