Marvel superheroes arrive on Disney’s Infinity Toy Box. Is Star Wars next?


We want to see Thor fight Captain Barbossa.

Ever since Disney revealed its grand Infinity gaming universe, we’ve been wondering when Marvel-themed playsets would arrive — or even if they would. Disney bought Marvel in 2009, and it made sense the characters would show up: Infinity would be the perfect setting to flaunt the newly subsumed superheroes. Problem was, nary a whiff of Marvel could be found at Infinity’s January 2013 launch.

Nevertheless, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and the gang are coming to Disney Infinity — and boy do they look awesome.

For those not familiar with Disney’s Infinity: at the system’s heart is a hardware device that plugs into a console or PC, upon which figurines and discs can be stacked. The Apple connection here is that there’s also an iOS app that lets you create and play with the sets on your iPad.

Disney says no less than 20 (actually, they say “more than 20’) Marvel superheroes will crash the Infinity party as the <i>Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes</i> set. Disney says the Marvel set will kick off a new version of Infinity, the 2.0 edition. While all the old Disney Infinity figures and power discs will be compatible with this new edition, the Marvel set will unfortunately not be compatible with the original edition launched last year.

For the time being the new characters appear to be exclusively Avengers-centric, though Disney says “additional Play Sets and characters from other popular Marvel and Disney franchises … will be announced in the coming months.” While this obviously means good news in the form of heroes from other corners of the Marvel universe making an appearance, it’s that last bit — “other popular … and Disney franchises” — that’s most intriguing. Is an Infinity Star Wars set on the way? We hope.

Pricing will probably be announced sometime before the new set arrives on store shelves this fall.

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