Transporter Can Now Integrate Into Your Favorite iOS Apps

Transporter Can Now Integrate Into Your Favorite iOS Apps

Transporter just took another step towards being a viable alternative to Dropbox for mobile users. Now the private cloud has become a “platform.” Don’t worry though – this just means that app makers are now free to add Transporter support to their apps, letting you sync and save your data from your iPad and iPhone.

Transporter is a device that works just like Dropbox, only you own and control the actual hardware. Previously the mobile offering was limited to the Transporter app, which let you share anything stored on the drive, but you had to do it via iOS’s cumbersome “Open In” dialogs.

Now, though, apps will access your Transporter direct. This will be just like having built-in Dropbox integration, only your files are never kept on another company’s server – it’s all your, and completely private.

Transporter has some big names lined up too. Readdle’s Scanner Pro is on the list to add integration, as if PDFPen from Smile Software and Trial Pad, a legal document manager from Lit Software.

Pretty much the only thing stopping me from buying a Transporter was this integration. After all, what’s the point if I still have to use Dropbox? And the best thing about Transporter (apart from the privacy)? That you pay once, with no monthly or yearly or any other ongoing fees. Just like a normal hard drive.

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