Ember LED Case Is A Portable Lamp For iPhone Night Photography [Kickstarter]

Want to take good night photos using your iPhone, but find that the device’s in-built flash — consisting of a couple of LEDs — doesn’t result in the kind of pictures you want?

If so, you may be interested in this Kickstarter campaign to build a new iPhone 5/5s case, packing a whopping 56 LEDs into a hard case to provide a bright panel of lights for all your nocturnal photographic needs.

Even better: the so-called Ember case won’t wreck your battery life, since it includes a built-in 2200 mAh battery pack, capable of giving you 4 hours of continuous light without requiring a recharge.

Rather than being operated via iOS software, the Ember is turned on and off by way of a physical switch. The top of the case also detaches to allow for third-party lens add-ons to be strapped on, while a cold shoe mount lets you add on a tripod mount.

Side-by-side comparisons show how the Ember (right) stacks up against the existing iPhone flash (left)

Side-by-side comparisons show how the Ember (right) stacks up against the existing iPhone flash (left)

So far the project’s raised $19,597. The catch? There’s only 28 hours left to go and a $30,000 target, so this may not make it to funding.

Anyone with $11,000 to spare and a desperate need for a flash 10x brighter than the existing iPhone one? This is your time to shine.



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