Connect Three Bluetooth Music Sources Simultaneously With Grace’s 3-Play

Imagine the chaos that could be achieved by connecting three iPhones to a single stereo using a three-way cable splitter, and letting everyone fight for the right to run the party.

Now imagine that you can do the same thing, only wirelessly. That’s the idea behind the 3Play, a Bluetooth receiver from Grace Digital that’ll let you and your friends all share the music you love simultaneously.” Simultaneously!

Up to seven devices can be paired, and three connected at the same time. The idea isn’t that you all fight for streaming rights I guess – more that you can each play something without having to keep pairing the whole time.

Then again, maybe a single cable is just fine. I have a hard enough time getting my Bluetooth speakers to talk to the right device – my adult video explorations keep on groaning and moaning their way onto the Lady’s office speaker, for instance – so I’d like to see just how well the 3Play handles this.

In other specs, the li-ion battery lasts up to 10 hours, there’re Toslink optical and regular jack outputs, and “aptX, AAC and SBC High Bit Rate support.”

All this for just $100.

Source: Grace Digital
Thanks: Kristen!

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