Steve Jobs’ Luxury Yacht Spotted Sailing In Mexico

Venus — the 256-foot super-yacht, commissioned by Steve Jobs — has been sighted in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas bay.

Despite telling journalist John Markoff in 1980 that, “There’s no yacht in my future,” Jobs began working on building his dream sailing vessel around 2008 prior to his liver transplant. Jobs commissioned legendary French designer Philippe Starck to design the yacht, which cost more than €100 million to build, although Jobs died before he was able to use it.

Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson that he didn't want to leave wife Laurene with a half-built boat.

Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson that he didn’t want to leave wife Laurene with a half-built boat.

In Walter Isaacson’s biography of the late Apple CEO, he describes how he recruited the chief designer of the Apple Stores to design a special glass for the yacht, capable of providing structural support. On board, a row of 27-inch iMacs are used to control the ship from its wheelhouse.

The last we heard, Jobs’ yacht was stuck in an Amsterdam port pending a payment to Starck by lawyers representing Jobs’ estate.

This issue has apparently been sorted, since according to a story by French Apple website Mac4Ever, Venus has been spotted sailing since earlier this spring.

Another photograph of the yacht in Cabo San Lucas can be seen below:

Venus spotted in (Credit: Mac4Ever)

Venus spotted in Cabo San Lucas (Credit: Mac4Ever)

Correction: Subsequent to filing this story, I have been corrected on the location of this sighting. Venus In Portugal is the name of the boat and not, as I originally thought, the location of its spotting.

  • aardman

  • Ron Hawkins

    Still one ugly ass boat!

  • NorfolkLive

    Its not in Portugal – its in Baja, California (

  • David_SC

    There I am in my “yacht” just to the right of the Venus in Cabo San Lucas! HA

  • martim

    I thought it was Mexico… definitely not Portugal, though.

  • martim

    time for a second correction: “Venus” is the name of the yacht. “Venus” in Portugal, Faial Islands is the caption of the photo on wikipedia… ;-)

  • Bob Forsberg

    It would’ve been 1 inch wide if left to the design of Ives.

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  • whatnamedoesnottalreadyexist

    It’s currently docked in venice.

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