After Apple Design Award, Finish To-Do App Goes Freemium

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Teenage developer Ryan Orbuch already has an Apple Design Award under his belt thanks to Finish, his popular to-do app that’s billed as an anti-procrastination tool. Today Finish is going free in the App Store for good, but there’s a catch.

That’s right, here comes the “f” word: freemium. Users will be limited to 10 tasks and certain times can’t be associated with tasks until a $0.99 in-app upgrade is made to unlock Finish More. Calling it Finish Pro is “boring and sounds way too fancy,” according to Orbuch. Existing users won’t have to pay for the in-app upgrade.

Orbuch’s app company, Basil, has had a fair amount of success with Finish so far. The app has been downloaded around 50,000 times to the tune of $0.99 a pop. An iPad version is in the works, and those interested can signup to learn more information about it here.

“No one has really tried freemium productivity at any sort of scale,” said Orbuch. “So I’m kinda terrified, but really excited.”

  • D R

    What? 10 untimed tasks. This isn’t free or freemium. It’s a horribly crippled demo that you unlock for $1. He just can’t call it that because Apple doesn’t allow demo’s.

  • Santanablank

    I don’t believe this crap is an Apple design award. And indon’t believe this site reviewing this shit

  • Wayne Williams

    I tried it. It’s a horrible app.

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