Get Siri To Search Something Other Than Bing [iOS Tips]

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Apple took a step away from Google when it launched iOS 7, choosing instead to have Siri search results come from Bing, the Microsoft search service.

When you ask Siri to search for a topic, she’ll just use Bing, and place the results on the Siri screen. This is fine, if you like Bing.

If you want to search, say, Google or Wikipedia, you’ll need to specify.

Engage Siri with a click and hold on the Home button, and then speak your search term. This time, however, say “Search Google for (search term)” or “Search Wikipedia for (search term).”


If you choose Wikipedia, the results will show up in a nice Siri screen. If, however, you search using Siri and Google, you’ll go to Safari. If you engage Siri from the Lock Screen, that means you’ll have to unlock your iPhone or iPad to do so.

Of course, you can also search Twitter with Siri as well.

  • dcj001

    “If you engage Siri from the Lock Screen, that means you’ll have to unlock your iPhone or iPad to do so.”

    But this is only true if unlocking the device requires a password or Touch ID. Otherwise, when engaging Siri from the lock screen, Siri will go straight to Safari’s results.

    • Rob LeFebvre

      Yep, exactly.

  • gettysburg11s

    You know, I really never use Siri, but if I did, I’d want my search results to come from Google. Bing works ok, but its less accurate (in the same way that Apple Maps is less accurate than Google Maps).

    • macguy59

      Apple maps has been spot on for me (US). I appreciate the more frequent feedback throughout navigation and I prefer the UI/graphics over Google maps

    • Nham Thien Duong

      I have used Bing for years and lately there is little to no difference between Google and Bing in direct search and image results, some searches Bing does better, and a few Google does, I don’t get all the Bing-hate. :-

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