Grace Encore, The Wi-Fi Speaker From the 80s

Grace Encore, The Wi-Fi Speaker From the 80s

Black-ash finish? Check. Big four-inch woofer? Check. Plenty of knobs and dials and even a built-in screen? Check, check, check! If you were to glance sideways at the Grace Encore (GDI-IRC7500) Stereo System whilst simultaneously taking some experimental military drug that altered your perception of time, you’d think that the Encore was from the 1980s.

The black box packs Wi-Fi along with more old-fashioned inputs like RCA lines in and out and USB (the USB port can be used with an Ethernet adapter), but also has such throwback features as an alarm clock and a radio. Only in this case the radio is the internet, and you get 50,000 stations to choose from.

It’s also beefy, with a couple of three-inch tweeters plus a downward facing four-inch woofer powered by a class D amp.

I think it’s kind of neat looking, but if I was really going to invest in an 80s-style stereo setup, I’d probably have to move to a bigger apartment just to fit in the speakers.

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